Sisal, a natural eco-friendly product from which floor covering is made, being a traditional and sustainable plant fibre – as well as seagrass, and coir – is growing in popularity as an alternative to carpet, providing natural textures and tones in keeping with modern interiors, which enables it to be fully fitted in a room, loose rugs and runners or made-to-measure runners to fit the width of your stairs and landings, a classic piece in your home .

Eco-friendly harvested from sustainable resources, they do not harm our health unlike synthetic products. We believe in offering only the very best eco-friendly products, there is no alternative to the best sisal being naturally farmed, woven and supplied. It is a myth that natural floorcoverings can be fitted loose lay, each must be stuck to the underlay beneath, no less, remembering naturally there are only certain underlays which are suitable for use with this product. Very few fitters are able to work with natural floorcoverings- there is only one way, the correct way, so if it is the floorcovering you wish to purchase, we know how to deal with each natural product. Although it can be more costly, natural floorcovering outlasts woven carpets on its durability.

The majority of natural flooring is imported from India or China, although one of our suppliers import their sisal from Madagascar. This has been happening since as long ago as 1929 when the farms were owned by British businessmen who then owned the land from which the harvest was produced. Although Mellau is is an Austrian company today, the farms from which it now imports sisal have a closer British tie than many realise, on top of which India used to be governed from London, history brings each of us closer together.

Carpet MellauJute

Jute is gaining popularity as a natural fibre floorcovering, the depth of texture makes it good for rugs, although from a traditional point of view it has been used mainly for the backing of carpets.

Coir being made from the fibres of coconut husks is a strong and resilient fibre. The husks are harvested and then soaked for months before being beaten, washed and then dried. The pale yellow fibres are then spun into yarn which is then woven into flatweave carpeting. Jute is also available as an entrance matting- this is now available in not only the natural shade but many colourways also, certainly the best in this situation, with a p.v.c backing this can also be uplifted and power-hosed in order to clean any marks away.

Rarely used, occasionally in loop pile and flat weave rugs.

This is one of the toughest fibres in natural floorcoverings and unlike most natural fibres it can be dyed. If combined with wool, sisal takes on a softer side. Sisal is now the favourite natural floorcovering amongst manufacturers for its aptitude at creating colourful natural floorcoverings, some of which are made into runners on stairs and landings which still remain popular and grace many homes.


Sisal Plant

Deriving from the paddy fields of China, Seagrass is a rapidly replenishing resource. Once the fields have been flooded with seawater, the fibre is harvested then spun into yarn which has an impermeable quality. Although this makes it hard to dye, it does make it relatively easy to care for.

Regular vacuuming with a strong brush suction is all that is required for daily care of sisal and seagrass carpets.
For the overall cleaning of sisal and seagrass floor covering these are both hygroscopic, that is they not only absorb moisture- they give off moisture, depending on the relative humidity in their immediate environment. Although humidity is good for natural fibre carpets, saturation of the fibres with water can cause undesirable changes. For overall cleaning a machine which will spray the cleaning liquid  over the product with immediate extraction is recommended, ensuring the moisture is evenly extracted. Steam-cleaning, wet shampooing or any other method that involves water saturation of the floorcovering is NOT recommended.

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Rugs & Runners

We supply flooring by all major manufacturers of natural flooring, one in particular is capable of making the rug or runner you require, whatever that shape may be, this can be bound with a selection of binds, or merely over locked, we are also able to supply bespoke runners -stairs & landings, ideally a runner should sit comfortably, with the correct percentage of space at each side.

Should you prefer a piece from another manufacturer, all is not lost, we will make you that runner or landing piece from a 4/5 metre width if possible.



Bespoke Sisal rugs & runners in a wide range of patterns and shades