Carpet Moths


Carpet moths in the home are not a nice thought at all, the carpet moth can if allowed to remain in the home unnoticed be costly too.
Carpet moths have been around longer than many realise, carpet itself first furnished the floors of homes as carpet squares, rugs and runners these would be regularly rolled and beaten in order to remove dust, dirt and any other unwelcome visitors, the carpet moth simply found its way into the homes where he would remain not only in wool carpets but clothing also, which whilst growing up I found my family and the majority of that generation used to leave mothballs in all wardrobes and dressers, with cotton dolls in the bedrooms each of which were scented with Lavender, RosemaryCedarwood even Peppermint, looking back, I can honestly say I grew up never seeing a sign of moth eaten carpets or clothing, only the odd white shouldered house moth which were far less damaging to textiles.


The natural habitat for the carpet moth is the bird nest, from which they feed on keratin found in bird feathers, I have noticed whilst visiting some of the homes where there have been carpet moth problems, there have also been pigeons nearby, it would appear wherever pigeons go carpet moths follow, do you feed the birds in your garden, pigeons are ground feeding birds, how close to your windows and doors is the feeder or tree on which you will find pigeons who usually visit in pairs, the collared dove is a small pigeon, although nice to view, these are one example of which moth feed on and why, be kind to birds as well as you and your home, place the feeder away from it.


Knowing the causes of the carpet moth being in your home is vital. There are many causes some of which are written below, maybe even surprise you.

Carpet moths  can be carried into our homes on the bottom of our shoes, with their microscopic eggs being picked up in this manner carpet moths are spread from house to house unwittingly.


Homes are nice and warm, so well insulated and retain the warmth we have now created the perfect warm environment which carpet moths prefer, is it any wonder they wish to move in?


Homes require thorough cleaning, was the vacuum ran over the carpet as much as it should have been, not forgetting beneath and behind furniture, thinking of doing it the next time can assist in creating the problem. Unless dealt with carpet moth will find Keratin in the wool in our carpet or clothing, unwashed clothes particularly being covered in hair, skin and sweat each rich in keratin.


Man made carpets are still found to be a home for the carpet moth unless as stated previously they are also cleaned thoroughly, the carpet moth will use it as a base in which they will breed, from which they then attack any wool items in their path.


Second hand, rugs, soft furnishings, particularly of the antique variety should not be purchased unless you know they have been thoroughly cleaned prior to purchase, why pay less for the problem which could cost you more, many carpet moths enter properties in this manner, the purchaser totally unaware.


Today, when purchasing a good  wool carpet you will find many have been treated with moth resistant treatments which are applied at the point of manufacture, prevention is the answer to protecting your carpets from moths.


Many years ago I was advised by a pest controller I met on site of a product worth using, this product has worked well ever since, the answer is dealing with the problem should it arise, many blame the wool carpet forgetting it was perfect when it first entered their home, natural products such as wool carpets should be used even more today remembering how important the use of eco-friendly products can make to the planet.